Remedial and Enrichment Program


Remedial Teaching and Enrichment Programme

The college organizes remedial classes for students who do not perform well in the internal examination. These students are identified on the basis of their understanding and abilities of comprehension and performance in oral/written tests, assignments and seminars. Additional help to these trainees is rendered through remedial teaching, easier assignments, problem-solving sessions, revisions and interactive discussions and through personal mentoring by the teachers concerned. The students are also given advice after class hours under remedial classes and are motivated by providing simple and direct learning material. Enrichment classes are conducted for advance learners as well. These students are encouraged to adopt self-study methods for enrichment and remediation. They are exposed to both digital as well as traditional resources for enrichment. Brainstorming sessions, projects, seminars and discussions are organized to nurture their creative abilities. Peer group learning, quizzes, essay writing competitions, Decision Making Exercises etc. are some of the activities organized for these students.